Travel Availibility: Abril – Octubre

Aventura, Ecológico, Natural, Cultural


Tinki, Upis, Paso Arapa, Ausangate Cocha, Jampa, Pacchanta.

Situated in the cordillera of the Andes, in a section known as the Vilcanota range, in the region of Cusco, the highest peak of Salkantay Mountain is at 6,372 meters above sea level. There are beautiful large blue/green lakes on this tour, llamas and alpacas to be seen and hot springs to enjoy.

he Ausangate Mountain is the fifth largest mountain in Peru, located in the Peruvian Andes in the mountain ranges of the Vilcanota at an altitude of 6,372 meters above sea level.  The original name in Quechua is Awsanqati that could mean Main Parent, Very Rough, or Cloud-maker.  This mountain will accompany us during our whole hiking adventure, standing as the highest mountain peak in the department of Cusco.  The hike travels alongside a combined vista of high mountains, glaciers, lakes, hot springs, a variety of Andean animals (lamas and alpacas for example), and the unforgettable feeling that you are closest than ever to the heavens.  It also offers an alternative of trekking and horseback riding.

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We pick you up early from your hotel, heading in our transport to the village of Tinki (3850 m) where after a short tour here, have lunch and then get started on our trek.  We can already appreciate from here the highest mountain peak in the Cusco region, Ausangate, and will pass by lakes, lamas and alpacas before arriving to the hot springs at Upis (4450 m).  We can take a relaxing soak in the mineral waters (after about a 4 hour hike) and will spend our first night in camp here.


After breakfast, we continue on foot ascending to the first pass of Arapa (4750 m), continuing on afterwards in a small descent but not before appreciating beautiful views of the geography below.  Continuing on we in the valley we will see the lakes of Qomercocha, Pucaqocha, the turquoise lake (4450 m).  Later we have lunch with the snowy mountain view, and take a good break before ascending to the second pass of Apuchata (4900 m) with an attractive view of the turquoise lakes of Qocha and Ausangate Qocha, formed by the melting glaciers of Ausangate.  From here we can also see the Salkantay Mountain (2nd largest in the Cusco región).  We will continue downhill towards the second campsite located at 4650 meters and called Ausangate Cocha.


After a good breakfast prepared by our professional chefs, we start out on a slightly arduous trail, as we need to ascend to the highest point of the trail.  After about 2 hours, we will arrive to Palomani (5200 m) with beautiful panoramic views, as Ausangate shines with the reflection of snow covering its peaks.  We will then descend into the beautiful valley of Hatumpata, later Huchuy Finaya (4500 m) and after a good break, continue in another ascent for approximately 2 hours to the 3rd campsite of Jampa (4650 m).


This day, we continue again in ascent to Jampa pass, located at 5000 meters (the second highest point of this area).  After about 3 hours, we descend for one hour seeing more lakes with different colors, and taking lunch alongside Q’omococha Lake with a panoramic view.  After resting, we continue on trail where we can see different wild birds such as Huallatas (a type of goose), Andean ducks, falcons, and other birds.  Finally we arrive to our campsite at Pacchanta (4400 m), also sporting natural hot springs, and where there is option to stay in a basic hostel for the night.


In the morning, after our breakfast, we start out in the direction of the Tinki community, about a 3 hour trek.  The trail will ascend a little and then descend.  We will see Andean agriculture, with water springs located at an original (but now dormant) volcano, picturesque communities surrounding the area.  We will have our last lunch together at arrival to Tinki, our final destination in this five-day hike.  We will take the touristic transport back to Cusco city, and to respective hotels.



  • Complete information given before the start of the tour
  • Transportation to the trail-head
  • Meals according to the program
  • Vegetarian or allergy-related menu at no extra charge
  • Boiled water to refill water-bottles each day
  • Snacks given out before each trek
  • Camping tents for 1, 2, 3 or 4 persons depending on the tourist’s requirement
  • Camping equipment including dining and kitchen tents, tables and chairs, etc.
  • Chef and Assistant chef
  • Complete kitchen equipment
  • Pack-mules & horses to pack camping equipment
  • Emergency pack-horse
  • Horsemen and assistants
  • Professional English / Spanish guide
  • Assistant guides for groups over 8
  • Entrance tickets to Ausangate circuit
  • First Aid kit including emergency oxygen tank
  • Final transport from Tinki to Cusco


  • Desayuno del primer día.
  • Cena del último día.
  • No incluye bolsa de dormir ( disponibles para alquilar solicitar si necesita)
  • No Incluye Caballos Extras
  • Ingresos a los baños termales


  • First day breakfast
  • Last day dinner
  • Sleeping bags (quality down bags available for rent)
  • Extra pack-horses
  • Entrance to hot springs