Travel Availibility: April to October

Adventure, Ecological, Cultural, Natural


Tinki, Upis, Jatun Pucaccocha, Huchuy Phinaya, Ninaparayoc, Pacchanta

The Ausangate Mountain is the fifth largest mountain in Peru, located in the Peruvian Andes in the mountain ranges of the Vilcanota at an altitude of 6,372 meters above sea level.

The original name in Quechua is Awsanqati that could mean Main Parent, Very Rough, or Cloud-maker.  This mountain will accompany us during our whole hiking adventure, standing as the highest mountain peak in the department of Cusco.  The hike travels alongside a combined vista of high mountains, glaciers, lakes, hot springs, a variety of Andean animals (lamas and alpacas for example), and the unforgettable feeling that you are closest than ever to the heavens.  It also offers an alternative of trekking and horseback riding.

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We pick you up early from your hotel, heading in our transport to the village of Tinki (3850 m) where after a short tour here, we will have lunch and then get started on our trek.  We can already appreciate from here the highest mountain peak in the Cusco region, Ausangate, and will pass by lakes, lamas and alpacas before arriving to the hot springs at Upis (4450 m).  We can take a relaxing soak in the mineral waters and will spend our first night in camp here.  About 4 hours of hiking.


We start our hike early in the morning, with the Ausangate glaciers the principal attraction of our day.  We will also have the opportunity to observe the wild fauna and animals of the area (geese, rabbits, etc) and domesticated animals (lamas, alpacas, horses) as we head to the first pass of Arapa (4750 meters above sea level).  We continue on until the campsite passing a beautiful lake of Jatun Pucacocha (4600 m) where fishing is common.

About 6-7 hours of hiking.


On this day, our objective will be to climb to the highest point of the tour, Abra de Palomani, located at 5202 meters in altitude.  Afterwards, we will start descending little by little to the beautiful Ausangate Q’ocha (4850 m), situated in the immense Ausangate Valley, where we can enjoy the beautiful views of the snow-capped Ausangate mountaintops before arriving to our campsite at Huch’uy Phinaya (4700 m).  About 6-7 hours of hiking.


We will expect about a 5 – 6 hour journey this day, departing camp early in the  morning, and ascending on a somewhat difficult stretch through the valley by the J’ampamayo River, but with observation of even better flora and fauna of the high-Andes.  We will also see alpacas and lamas along this route, and can observe how the habitants of the area live in typical homes of rock and mud, straw-roofs, and the way they care for their flocks.  The last pass of this route is Abra Jampa located at 5000 meters.


We will enjoy a magnificent passage this day, starting our journey early with pretty  surrounding views of the mountains and glaciers until we arrive to the medicinal hot springs of Pacchanta (4200 m).  Here you can appreciate getting to see the vicuña, an animal known to this zone.  We continue on passing Comercocha Lake and many wildlife and birds, and the low-growing mosses, lichens and shrubs of the area.

After about a 5-6 hour hike, we can relax and take advantage of the hot springs in Pacchanta, later digesting a delicious typical plate of the region along with the whole team.


In the morning, after our last breakfast, we start out in direction of Tinki village, about a 3 hour hike.  We will have small ascents and descents, with views of natural springs coming from an original, but now dormant volcano.  Along the way are picturesque communities and panoramic views leading us to Tinki, where we will have our last lunch together, and afterwards take the return transport to Cusco city and on to respective hotels.


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  • Complete information given before the start of the tour
  • Transportation to the trail-head
  • Meals according to the program
  • Vegetarian or allergy-related menu at no extra charge
  • Boiled water to refill water-bottles each day
  • Snacks given out before each trek
  • Camping tents for 1, 2, 3 or 4 persons depending on the tourist’s requirement
  • Camping equipment including dining and kitchen tents, tables and chairs, etc.
  • Chef and Assistant chef
  • Complete kitchen equipment
  • Pack-mules & horses to pack camping equipment
  • Emergency pack-horse
  • Horsemen and assistants
  • Professional English / Spanish guide
  • Assistant guides for groups over 8
  • Entrance tickets to Ausangate circuit
  • First Aid kit including emergency oxygen tank
  • Final transport from Tinki to Cusco


  • First day breakfast
  • Last day dinner
  • Sleeping bags (quality down bags available for rent)
  • Extra pack-horses
  • Entrance to hot springs


Original Passport (for check-in to the trail), backpack, sleeping bag, clothing for both cold and warm weather, waterproof and warm jackets and/or rain poncho, hiking pants and shoes, shirts, sunhat, sun block, disinfectant hand gel, water bottle and sterilizing water tablets, camera with extra batteries, plastic bag to cover camera, flashlight, small personal snacks (chocolate bars, granola bars, dried fruits and nuts), extra spending money in Soles (for Hot Springs, drinks, tips, etc).