Travel Availibility: Los primeros dias de cada mes

Our tour will start with pick up from hotel at 9:10 am in our private vehicle, go to the town of Maras, through very typical populations and beautiful landscapes that we enjoy in our journey, arrival and visit to the following locations :

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It is located west of the city of Cusco at 3300 meters.  from here the mountains of Urubamba and the snowy peaks of “Veronica” (5682 m.s.n.m) and “chikon” (5530 m.s.n.m) is appreciated. We can find a church made of adobe, typical of religious architecture of the village, inside the church paintings from the Cuzco School are traditional.

salineras de maras

salineras de maras


It is located at 7 km southwest of Maras.; it is a unique archaeological group of its kind in the region. It is natural gigantic holes in the ground surface were used to build on their terraces contours or agricultural terraces with their respective irrigation canals, is therefore a prototype greenhouse or fairly advanced biological experimental station for time helped the man american antiquity mankind inherit 60% of plant products it consumes, the Andean man consumes a thousand and a half of different varieties of potatoes, one hundred and fifty of corn, and many other products.



Salineras: o “minas de sal”

It is located at the northwest of the town of Maras are constituted by about 3000 small wells with an average area of about 5 m², during the dry season are filled or “water” every 3 days with salt water from a natural spring located in the top of the wells, salt gradually solidified, then the salt is crushed and granulated well, then pocketed in plastic bags and sent to markets in the region; today that salt is iodized why its consumption is not harmful. Finally we will return to Cusco at 3:30 pm approximately. Duration: approximately 6-7 hours.



  • Tourist transport.
  • Transfers.
  • professional guide.
  • Entrance to the salt mines.


  • Food.
  • To access the Maras acquire BTP (Boleto Turistico Partial) which costs S /. 70.00 soles
  • Entrance to Moray costs S / 10.00


  • Camera or video camera (optional).
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, hats or caps.
  • Light clothing.
  • Warm clothes.
  • Snack.